Cream Centre is looking forward to start Franchises in the below listed locations.  We welcome entrepreneur's and organizations, whose values and focus on food match those of Cream Centre.


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Grow with Us


Owner and Chairman of Prince Cuisines – Better known as the powerhouse of ideas in food retailing, Mr. Sanjiv Chona comes with more than thirty years of experience in establishing, owning and operating restaurants. From the family that introduced Ice Cream to India, Sanjiv is popularly credited for introducing Pizza culture and Mexican food in India as well.
Mr. Chona has developed a dedicated team for Cream Centre Restaurant franchising. The team has years of experience and will support every franchisee and ensure that franchised restaurants meet the high standards we set at Cream Centre Restaurant. The team has created a manual with all necessary standard procedures required to open a Cream Centre Restaurant and will assist the franchisee at every stage of opening the restaurant. The assistance doesn’t end there! We want to make sure that you are successful in opening and running a Cream Centre Restaurant franchise. The team will continue to help you through your endeavor with marketing artwork, festival concepts, new dishes, maintaining food cost percentages and whatever else is necessary.


In order to open a Cream Centre Franchise, you need to meet some basic requirements.

1.   Cream Centre is a registered copyright and trade mark, which will be used as the Restaurant name. Cream Centre  will only serve Vegetarian food.
2.   We require a prime location with parking space. The seating capacity should be a 110 plus. The restaurant areas required is 2200-2700 square feet of usable area. Additional area for storage and staff is required.
3.   A minimum of 110 kilowatt of electric required.
4.   Provision for 10,000 litres water storage capacity for the kitchen and 3000 litres for toilets.
5.   Provision for locating an external Gas Bank with an 8 cylinder capacity.


1.   Design Architect
Our team at Cream Centre has identified an architect who has the experience and skills required to design a Cream Centre utilizing every square foot in the most efficient manner. The architect has designed over fifty restaurants, including Cream Centre Chowpatty, both outlets in Chennai, Bangalore and Lonavala.

2.    Kitchen Consultant
A Cream Centre kitchen has very stringent requirements due to its various cuisines it serves. The team at Cream Centre has been working with a kitchen consultant who understands the exact layout required for a Cream Centre kitchen.  He has had years of experience working with restaurants across the board including several opened by Mr. Chona.

3.   Provide Key Personnel
We will provide four to five kitchen staff specialized in each department at the cost of the Franchisee. These personnel come with years of experience working in a Cream Centre, and understand the procedures and standards of Cream Centre. They will help set standards in your franchise and help train the rest of the staff you hire.

4. Training of Staff
a. Besides the ongoing training our experienced personnel will provide of site.
b. We will also be able to train key personnel hired by the Franchisee. We will ask the Franchisee to send key personnel as well as the manager to Cream Centre Chowpatty to undergo an intensive three week training course.
c. We will also provide a training manual for the staff to follow. Manuals have been created for managers, waiters, kitchen staff and cleaning crew.

5.  Raw Materials
a. The most important standard to adhere by is food quality. Our Executive Chef and Franchise Manager will visit your city and help you source raw materials that will make sure there is consistency in food taste while making sure that your food cost stays low.
b.    Certain key ingredients like Channa Masala will be provided by us in Mumbai. We want to make sure that it is easy for you to serve the same Original Channa Bhatura ™ we serve in Mumbai.

6.    Manual-Requirements Our team has created a manual to help you source materials and ensure a consistent standard.   

7.    Manual-Procedures The team has written all Standard Operation Procedures required to operate a Cream Centre.

8.    On Going Activities
a.    Auditing and Monitoring
b.    3-4 festivals a year will be created, and Franchisees will be provided with the necessary expertise to run the festivals at their locations.
c.    Monthly promotion concepts will be provided to boost salesd. Our Executive Chef is always innovating the wheel and any new dishes created will be added to your outlet as well GOING FORWARD

To begin the process of opening a franchise of Cream Centre, please fill in your details before so that we can send you an application to get the process started.

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