Look out for Copies!

Cream Centre’s products are only available at Cream Centre Restaurants all over India. Our brand and products are not associated or affiliated with any other restaurant or organization. Our original products served in any other establishments are copies of our products.

To eat “The Original Channa Bhatura,”  you must visit one of our Cream Centre’s, as the Channa Bhatura available at all other restaurants are poor copies of our product. Cream Centre’s   “The Original Channa Bhatura”  is a recipe that was created by the late Mr. Ramesh Chona and has been passed down for over fifty years and is a family secret.  

Our  “World’s Best Nachos,” was a recipe created by Mr. Sanjiv Chona. He sat with his teams tirelessly over months, mixing various formulas and created the delicious mix that is now served at our Cream Centre Restaurants. Our “World Famous Nachos” is only served at Cream Centre. Please look out for our Trade Marked brand to know what you’re getting is the original thing!

American Cheese Corn Balls and Onion Rings
Our American Cheese Corn Balls and Onion Rings are extremely popular items on our menu. Mr. Chona has created special formulas and recipes which give you the Cream Centre taste. 

Our sizzling brownie Fundae dessert’s smell permeates Cream Centre Restaurants and almost every table orders one. Mr. Chona created the brownie formula himself and our brownies are made on premises. Further, keeping true to our logo, “The Veg Edge,”  we do not use any eggs in our brownies, unlike our competitors.