People are ImportantAt Cream Centre Restaurant we are invested in you! We want you to grow with us. Our Goal is to operate great restaurants and to achieve that we know we need great people. We strive to create a nurturing environment that gives our employees a place to learn and succeed. It is our strong belief that our employees should grow with us. Below are just some of the success stories at Cream Centre Restaurant.


1. Ramesh UduthaRamesh Udutha, joined Cream Centre twelve years ago as a Cashier, and is a Head Restaurant Manager today. He previously worked as a Bank Manager at a Finance Company and thought that he had great experience coming in but his outlook changed on joining Cream Centre. “I was given the opportunity to learn great leadership abilities, guest interaction and how to handle co-workers.”  “I am extremely happy and satisfied with the work environment.”

2. Rumaji SakpalRumaji Sakpal joined Cream Centre Restaurant as an Assistant Cook. We has now worked for us for 25 years and is the head cook of the restaurant. Rumaji joined us right out of school. He had no work experience coming in. “I have learnt a lot from Cream Centre. I have learnt a variety of dishes , and had the opportunity to train under senior chef’s”


1. ManagerThe Manager will ensure efficient and profitable operations. He will be responsible for the sales of the restaurant, as well as maintaining high standards of food, service and health and safety. His duties would also include shift pattern organization, training the staff and day-to-day management activities.
2. CaptainsTakes reservations, organizes seating, greets customers, seats customers and distributes menus. He would need to be able to operate the cash register. The Captain will take orders and act as a liaison between the kitchen and restaurant.
3. CashierA Cashier would be in charge of cash and credit card transactions and balancing the register at the end of his shift. Must be competent with computerized KOT and Billing system and have good cash handling skills. The cashier may assist the Service Staff with various tasks.
4. StewardsWould need to take customer''''s orders if necessary, serve food and beverages, and accept payments. He would also set up and clear tables. Must be professional and polite and be able to learn and describe food proficiently.
5. CookThe cook is responsible for the production of food in his designated section and providing indents for the same. He will be responsible for training other kitchen staff and checking supplies and equipment. 
6. Kitchen SupervisorThe Kitchen Supervisor will be responsible for the cleanliness of the kitchen area. He will prepare the duty schedule for utility staff and maintain par stocks of provision, cutlery and crockery. He will also liaison between the supplier and the kitchen/restaurant.

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As a position becomes available that you are qualified for, we will get in touch with you.