Yummy Spread

IMG_0014.jpgPass me the cheese balls, they''re so yummy,” somehow was heard saying, above the cheerful chatter of guests. “You should try the channas batura, it''s excellent,” said someone else. In between soft music and the crackling of crockery, the newly-launched branch of a restaurant in Nungabakkam was abuzz with activity. Food is the way to people''s hearts and those in-charge certainly seemed to know that.Kanimozhi, the chief guest of the day, formally inaugurated the restaurant and proceeded to indulge in the food. The dashing young politician was seen sharing a light moment with hotelier Mahadevan. “With people like him around, there''s no way I can watch what I eat,” she laughed, “I have to  yield to temptation!” Given the spread, everyone at the party had a sumptuous fill.