T2 stops by 10 popular vegetarian restaurants for a Bite.


The ideal family joint has something for everyone, Cream Centre is where you go with your nana-nani and your toddler cousins in town ! From Chaats to macaroni and cheese, sizzlers to Mexican wraps,   the year-old Cream Centre has it all in pure vegetarian options. The brownie point? The Jain options are marked out on the menu. And the tablemats have find-the-difference and maze puzzles. "We have customers from all over the city, which also includes a number of Bngalis  who love to have vegetarian food these days." says Prashant Menon, franchise partner

  • Timings: Noon to 11 pm
  • Pocket-Pinch: Rs 300-plus per person, a la carte
  • t2 pick: Sizzling Brownie