Cream Centre, R.A. Puram
The Wee One was in town and the cause of much excitement. Deciding that it was time to celebrate, 'the family' decided to venture beyond Saravana Bhavan and headed towards Cream Centre. Johnny and I got there at 6:45 to beat the queue and promptly found ourselves at the fag end of a large one (6:45!!). They have a cute little waiting area with a play area for kids and wooden seats for the rest. They also have a tattoo artist who seems to be a big hit. By the time the rest of the crew arrived, we were seated.
After wading through the vast menu we placed our orders. The Cheese Nachos arrived first and were consumed at lightning pace. The nachos were submerged in a bed of cheese and topped with capsicum. I think tomatoes would have added a nice flavour. Despite the extravagant amounts of cheese, this wasn't one of my favourites (Vini loved it though). The Onion Rings get great marks on presentation and quantity but a little salt would have made it taste great too. The Patties were my fav starter. The fried cutlets were served with a spicy chole which was yumm!!

In the Indian section we ordered the aloo and methi paratha and both were surprisingly good. The flavour of methi was not overpowering and the accompanying dal was a big hit with me. We also ordered the massive puri channa. Be warned that this dish is very oily. They serve this with generous quantities of spicy channa which I loved.On the continental side, we ordered the Spicy Italian Pizza. This has a crisp, thin crust and loads of cheese. Herbs and sundried tomatoes complement all that cheese and I quite like this dish. We also ordered the Penne Arabiatta. This classic dish was nicely made but was nothing extraordinary. The pasta had a strong garlicky flavour and some found it a little too spicy. Frankly, I think their Indian fare is better and you would be better off sticking to that.

To end the meal, we ordered the Sizzling Brownie. Cream Centre's version is a fitting successor to the one at NSS . Hot chocolate sauce poured on a rich dark brownie topped with ice cream & nuts. Drools. Be warned that this dish is super hot and could burn your tongue (Exhibit A: Me). I wish they would add a little more ice cream though. The ambiance at Cream Centre is prett-y decent (if you discount the loud families and the louder kids). The special effort taken to preserve an existing tree was much appreciated and added a special charm. The service was a little slow but that could also be due to the fact that the place was bursting at the seams. The quantities here are fairly generous. Troubling Sister 1 did some celebrity spotting and we all shamelessly gawked. Cream Centre has one tiny little loo and there was a large queue outside it. They really need to do something about that.I liked Cream Centre, specifically the Indian food here. It isn't overly expensive or pretentious and I intend to revisit soon.
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Cream Centre, R.A. Puram