I love Cream Center because…
Cream Center - A walkthrough
It was 4 years back in Chennai, when I stumbled upon this truly amazing vegetarian restaurant "Cream Center", near Alwarpet. Cream Center originated as a small road side chaat stall near the Chowpati Beach in Mumbai, 50 years back. And now, it has evolved into a great restaurant spiking its motto - "The Veg Edge". It’s a great feeling, to see a road side restaurant, become very popular with a wonderful ambience and awe-inspiring food.

Its Famous Paneer Tikka Slurp.. Slurp…
Boy O Boy! Everytime I visit Cream Center, the first thing I order from the huge menu is the "Tandoori Paneer Tikka". The Paneer Cubes are very soft and tender, cooked over a barbeque with a slight hint of spices and vegetables.
The mint chutney and the salad that comes along with the Paneer tikka adds more taste to it. I literally moan in pleasure, when I feast on Cream Centers Paneer Tikka. And the best part is, I have a Cream Center located just a couple of kilometers away from my residence.
Am I crazy to frequent Cream Center every other week, just to have a piece of their Paneer ? Maybe.

The Sizzler Tops it All..
Cream Center Sizzlers are a specialty. I usually go for the Paneer Shaslik or the Mexican bean sizzler. Its all hot and fuming, and if you order a sizzler, people are bound to turn their heads towards your table.
A great aroma, with the slight smell of lettuce leaf burning on the hot sizzler plate, topped with rice or noodles, which is our choice. On top of the rice and noodles are fryums or potato wedges, boiled vegetables and a gravy. The top of the sizzler is either garnished and filled with paneer tikka or Mexican Beans.
A sizzler serves two, but it does tempt you to order more.

The tangy and spicy Dum Biriyani
Dum Biriyani at Cream Center is by far, the best and exquisite biriyani I have tasted in my life. Trust me. The reason why I keep haunting Cream center is because, it excels in almost every dish that it creates.
Dum Biriyani is basically, normal basmati rice and biriyani gravy cooked in a pot, covered with wheat flour roti on top. The biriyani gets cooked and blends with the gravy, as the heat gets retained inside.
The raitha, or curd with seasoning that is served with Dum Biriyani is thick and has cumin powder,salt,sugar and jeera powder. These two are a great combination to feast on.

From the Mexican kitchen.. Cheese Nachos with beans
Oh! What can I say about this ? An all time favorite of mine. The nachos are crispy, with so much melted cheese on the platter, surrounded by Mexican beans, olives and chips.
It looks like a white melting river, that is both scrumptious and soft when you take a bite. One can savor the flavor and the taste of the soft cheese in their mouth for a long time.
Cheese nachos serve 2, but if you want to have a sumptuous dinner, then I suggest you go for a sizzler and nacho or a biriyani and a nacho.

The 3-in-1 Platter for Starters
American Cheese Balls, Onion Rings and Wantons
The 3-in-1 starter is an assorted plate consisting of American Cheese balls, crispy fried Onion rings and Wantons. These 3 starters are available separately as well, but there are too many pieces of the same and it is difficult to eat them.
The assorted starter plate provides 4 pieces from each of the above mentioned starters with a garlic chutney and a salsa sauce. American cheese balls contain corn and melted cheese within and one bite gets the cheese flowing into your mouth.
The onions rings are deep fried, and a little less oily and has a hint of black pepper and chaat masala sprinkled over it. The wantons contain a filling of vegetables in its center and is deep fried.
If you want to have some great starters, I would suggest the 3-in-1 platter.

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