Creme de la Créme
Cremé de la cremé - Pune Mirror
Many of us believe that options in vegetarian cuisine are few. This happens when we take a look at the menu and find it difficult to choose a particular preparation. It is even more tedious when half of the items on the list are tried and tested. When you visit Cream Centre, the tables are turned. For the menu is vast, varied, completely vegetarian and most importantly they have all sorts of global preparations under one roof.

Cream Centre, they say, is a 50-year old eatery that began on Mumbai''s Chowpatty. Having travelled such a culinary journey, they now have found a place in Pune - a restaurant outlet at The Fern Hotel. Plush interiors, well-lit ambience and ample seating capacity makes this place suitable for family outings.

Two things in particular will make me always remember this place. Firstly,for its menu card. I haven''t seen such an immaculately presented content before. Clear high-definition photographic illustrations make your mouth water.

The first few sheet presents their all time hit preparations, things for which this place is famous. So, I tried those. Among them are the Original Channa Bhatura, the World''s Best Nachos, Onion Rings, Lime Ice Soda and Sizzling Brownie. Except for the Lime Ice Soda and Onion Rings, the rest were true to their word. Lime Ice Soda had ice-cream blended with lime and soda, which I personally, thought to be too sweet. I had thought it would be like an ice-tea. As for the Onion Rings, the batter was too puffy and less crispy. I make it the other way round. However, with Onion Rings, there''s an abundant variety of preparation methods, so I''m not rejecting their version.

The other unique thing about this place is their dedicated management. The huge success of any restaurant lies in this. I had ordered a Lebanese Original Falafel after seeign a photograph in the menu. The picture showed iceberg lettuce in it, but when it was served it had more of cabbage shreds. I brought this to the notice of the manager and he promptly requested me to note it down in the feedback form. As usual I filled it up bothering no one to read it(it happens in most cases), but to my surprise I got a call from a concerned general manager the very next morning. This is the first time such an event has taken place since I started reviewing.

Cream Centre is recommended for families with children(they will love pouring chocolate over sizzling brownie). Not recommended for diet concscious people. Why? The name itself should be a clue. It would be a pity if you discuss your diet plan while dining here!

Creme de la Créme