Cream Centre Pune - A Veggie Delight
Was meeting a good friend for dinner after quite a while as she'd been busy the past few weeks. This time around, the plan was to eat at a place neither of us had been to before. However, by the time we set out, owing to time constraints we decided to visit one of the usual haunts like Dario's or Squisito. We had crossed Camp when I casually mentioned that I'd been meaning for us to check out this all-veg place in Kalyani Nagar. Of course, as I hadn't been there, I had no idea of exact location, seating, ordering+serving time etc.

It took us just a minute to decide. Also, as she's a vegetarian, Cream Centre (all-veg) seemed like an obvious, if intriguing choice. Had heard about it from friends in Bombay but surprisingly, not much buzz in Pune. Maybe the veg bit had to do with it? :-P

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