Ice Cream Works Review
With a range of interesting flavours, the newly opened Ice Cream Works could soon become one of best dessert hangouts in town. Their Calcutta Meetha Paan flavour is a must-try

Just when we got bored of visiting the same old ice cream joints in the city, Ice Cream Works came as a welcome respite. Though it was newly opened, the tag proudly displayed 'since 1958', the reason being it is part of the Cream Centre enterprise.

They have two new outlets in the city, one in Chowpatty and one in Shivaji Park and we decided to visit the latter. We went on a Sunday evening and saw couples, kids and families streaming in and out of the newly opened place.

We were welcomed by a spotless white door with a no-frills black and pink board with the name and a tiny upholstered sofa for two. The décor of the place was stylishly simple and just like outdoors, the interiors too were simple with a blackboard-like menu on the bright blue walls

The attendants seemed very cheerful and after greeting us enthusiastically kept giving us different flavours for tasting, much to our happiness.

Our first order was a Seasonal Fresh Fruit (Rs 38) and a Calcutta Meetha Paan (Rs 58) from their Essentially Indian section. The seasonal fresh fruit ice-cream had black grapes and with several bits of grapes, our scoop tasted delicious.

The Calcutta Meetha Paan, a flavour we have hardly seen at other ice-cream stores, can easily be touted the best flavour at Ice Cream Works. With real paan, dhana daal (roasted corriander seeds) and sauf (fennel) pieces in it, this was a clear winner.

Paan lovers will surely like this, but even those who have never had a paan in their lives will love this. Needless to say this refreshing ice-cream is a must-try for paan lovers.The fact that they are generous with the size of their scoops is an added bonus.

The Limetta Mandarin (Rs 48), we ordered next, surprised us as we never thought pieces of lemon peel interspersed with ice cream could taste so good. The Sticky Chocolate (Rs 48) was a regular chocolate scoop, but yummy. Their Nuts about Kulfi (Rs 88) is a creamy interesting ice cream version of Kulfi.

Strawberry lovers ought to try their Double Strawberry Chocolate Chip (Rs 48). As the name suggests, it is an Extra Long strawberry ice-cream with a full-blown burst of fresh strawberry.

If you're looking for something refreshing, go for their Mint Brownie Fudge (Rs 48) which can give even the strongest of mint candies some serious competition.

They also offer various toppings from almonds to secret fudge recipes in waffle cone or cup options. We skipped their range of cassatas and went for the Caramella Sundae (Rs 148) a delicious Vanilla ice cream (and thankfully the vanilla was great) served in a glass filled with gooey caramel topped with crunchy dryfruits.

If our tummies allowed us we would slurp down every other flavour available in the store, calories be damned! The Shivaji Park outlet claims to home deliver ice creams from 10 am to 12.30 am. So, we know whom to call for that mid-night ice-cream craving.

At Ice Cream Works, Shiv Kutir, near Lakme Salon, Veer Savarkar Marg, Shivaji Park, Dadar.

Call 24462626 Ice Cream Works didn't know we were there. The Guide reviews anonymously and pays for meals.

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