Gurudutt Kamath's review for Cream Centre
Cream Centre is one of my favourite restaurants. Always, consistently good quality of food and service. Ambiance is good and service excellent. My favourite item here is the Ragada Patties. These are two enormous sized stuffed patties with chana ragada, if I remember correctly. The accompanying chutney and even the onion rings/slivers are equally excellent. It is is served in a plate specially designed for this dish. So it is a lovely experience to have this dish. I think they also serve two pickled chillies. The panchrangi pickle with carrots/etc is too good. We normally finish it by the time the main course arrives.

Cream Centre is a hot favourite with Mumbaikars for maybe 50 years! But I began going to it very late -- maybe just 5 years ago. I remember there was a huge queue at Chowpatty Cream Centre on a Sunday night, I think, and I decided to try it out for the first time. I normally never wait -- but mad that I was -- I went to the counter and said that I wanted a table for 1! I think they gave me a table in 2 minutes flat! Even though the restaurant was full service to me was fully satisfactory and exceeded my expectations! Such a happy memory of the orginal Cream Centre. So when it started at Oberoi Mall, I think we would have been the first ones to try it out. The dishes were outstanding. We used to visit it every month. Took someone out there for lunch -- and soon he was transferred to USA! So I began to believe there was some magic in it and took as many people as possible. Took a guy who wanted to work in films! Today, that guy works in filmland! He had the huge Bhatura! Coming to think of it the gigantic Bhaturas has something to do with the "lucky" coincidences. (Alas, I never have bhaturas -- except for politely tasting it). Actually CC should be CB because Channa Bhatura, I think, is its trademark or signature dish. I think the channa is fabulous, so also the bhatura. However, if truth be told -- I am sure the channa in Delhi or Punjab should be quite ahead of our Mumbai version.

Nachos and cheese sauce is pretty decent.
Subz dum biriyani is pretty good.
Tandoori paneer tikka was pretty good. (this was a long time ago, so don't exactly remember)
Sizzlers were quite good.
The parathas are decent -- but not a match for the Delhi or Punjabi ones.
The menu card says 400 gms of Carrot Pickle at Rs.79. I think that is a steal! I am going to buy a KG tomorrow! (price maybe more like Rs.179 tomorrow!) But the Carrot Pickle is AWESOME. It is a must have. (yes, called it panchrangi pickle earlier -- as the masala is of that type, if I remember correctly).
Have tried out most of their vegetables -- they are good.
CC has festivals all the time. We visit it often. Recently, visited the Italian Festival, but at InOrbit Mall. Value for money and good food.
I used to know many captains in Oberoi Outlet by name -- Uttam, Sheikh, Shetty! All of them gave fantastic service. Uttam keeps moving every time there is a new branch.
Cream Centre, I think, is No.1 on my list of favourite restaurants. Good food, good ambiance, great service, value for money.

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Gurudutt Kamath's review for Cream Centre