Hear it from them...


Cream centre is something on which I have grown up on, passing through it everyday going to college then to work My first experience of a chola bhatura and a lime ice soda has been from c c and my only embarrassing experience of having no Money and waiting for someone to get me money has been at cc, I think cc has always evolved before the customers said so and always been a consistent experience, now I know why it is so as I have seen the passion and the wisdom and customer centric try which Sanjiv puts into this, 60 years is a very very long time for a brand to survive and be relevant to a new generation, wishing them all the best for the next 60.

Kishore Biyani

I hear that Cream Centre is turning 60 years now. I take this opportunity to wish you all the very best on this momentous occasion. 60 years is a long time for a brand and Cream Centre has been an integral part of Mumbai over the last 6 decades.

I have always loved your Chola Bhatura and I am sure that millions of people have eaten there and bless you every day for the fantastic food. Keep up the good work.

Gautam Hari Singhania

Chairman & Managing Director - Raymond

Cream Centre is not just any other restaurant. It is a landmark of Mumbai and an institution.

Millions of Mumbaikars and tourists have been there and passed on the legacy to their future generations. As one of the old timers and once a regular in my college days I cannot forget the Chhole Bhature and Samosa and Rainbow Ice cream. They are to die for !.

I am nostalgic that 60 years have flown by ! I wish Sanjiv Chona and all the past and present staff at Cream Centre all the very best. May you have another glorious 60 years ahead and I am sure many many more!

My best wishes,

Praful Patel

Dear Sanjiv,
Congratulations on the reopening of Cream Center. I have seen the new renovated look. It looks lovely.

I remember going to the Cream Center at Chowpatty as a kid. My brothers and sisters along with me would look forward to our week ends to eat the fabulous chana pathuras and other goodies there. Much that I would want to go there even now,

Many times call for the food at home, as my work keeps me away from the delicious food.

Wishing you and Cream Center all the very best.

Randhir Kapoor

R.K.FilMS & Studios

Cream Centre Chowpatty has been renovated and will sport an entirely new, sleek look. But what will never change is the restaurant's iconic status. I grew up in the city of Mumbai, and given the restaurant's strategic Location, I would pass by almost every day. There was not a single day when i would not spot a crowd milling around its entrance, waiting to gain entry. On it's 60th anniversary, I extend my warmest congratulations to Cream Centre on the achievement of this milestone. I would not be surprised if it becomes the first restaurant to be declared a heritage site!.

Anand G. Mahindra

60 years is 3 lifetimes in the restaurant industry and for a Vegetarian Restaurant to be yet relevant after 6 decades, shows that you have always been ahead of the times and also innovative, to understand the needs and demands of every new generation. Cream Centre is an iconic restaurant for me and I yet have your famous Channa Bhatura very often.

Congratulations Sanjiv and your new look and menu choices will keep Cream Centre on track to celebrate 100 years.

Jeh Wadia

CREAM CENTRE at Chowpatty is not just an iconic Restaurant of Mumbai, but truly represents a part of my growing years as a young boy.

Looking back it introduced me to memorable delicacies, which continue to have the same quality, flavor and consistency as it was 60 years ago.

Even today when we have meetings in South Mumbai, the unanimous choice for me and my Brother, Vivek is to go for a quick indulgence at the CREAM CENTRE Chowpatty and it is a common site to see us both dining together and tearing the second Bhatura and sharing between the two of us!!!

Dinesh Nair

Co-Chairman & Managing Director - The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts.

Congratulations on 60 glorious years of Cream Centre.
Cream Centre is not only iconic but an institution by itself. My four generations have grown up with this restaurant and i am sure this legacy will continue.
The sustained quality of food and service has made Cream Centre so Faultless, even now one see's long queues of loyal customers waiting for their table and this itself is a testimony.
Cream Centre is a landmark of bombay and here's wishing that it always remains one.
I look forward to enjoying the delicious food for years to come.

Happy 60th Birthday "Cream Centre".

Bina & Kishore Chhabria

Allied Blenders And Distillers Pvt. Ltd.

Absolutely fantastic my dear - many many congratulations to you, Sanjiv and to all involved with you, in this milestone... our elders are definitely your guardian angels, to have blessed you to make Créme Centre what it is, today - lots of love to you...am certain, that with Rishi - you and me will also celebrate its centenary, meanwhile...
remarkable for continuing to thrive as a "pure vegetarian" for 60 years...a challenge well met, Sanjiv Chona...I do not know of a place for better chole-bathure and its signature "sundaes" by Ice Cream Works...

Rajiv Luthra

Founder & Managing Partner - L & L Partners (formerly, Luthra & Luthra Law Offices)

Delighted that Cream Centre is celebrating 6 decades of operations.

Cream Centre has been the go-to place for fine dining especially for Vegetarians like me. The open ambience, the lavish & scrumptious vegetarian delicacies and the outstanding hospitality only elevates with every visit to Cream Centre. Whether it is with family, friends, colleagues or just by myself - the experience at Cream Centre is always exciting and a memorable one with diet going for a toss every single time!

Congratulations to you & everyone at Cream Centre on completing 60 marvelous years and wishing many more immensely successful years ahead.

Anuj Puri

Chairman - ANAROCK Property Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

A name synonymous with my childhood when we wanted to have the best Chana Bhatura in town and remains as synonymous today for not only the best Chana Bhatura but also other great delicacies.

Sanjiv hope this tradition continues.
All the best.

Mickey Doshi

MD & Country Head Credit Suisse